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Oct. 21st, 2010 | 12:28 pm
Where you at?:: w the saltons of swing
I'm like:: eh
The Melody:: Iron and Wine-White Tooth Man

A new journal.  For new changes and new beginnings.  I hope...

My little journal is friends only...at least, most of it is.  The less personal and more humorous things will be made public.  Please don't add me unless you comment here first.  I don't like seeing strange names on my friends list.  No I don't >[

Also, I couldn't really print "no Portuguese" on my banner,  but uh, yea.  No Portuguese...

100 Movies in 2009

Oct. 20th, 2010 | 09:34 pm
I'm like:: anxious anxious
The Melody:: The Beatles-I am the Walrus

I have such things to say, but my feelings are all over the place, so I am doing this!! So easy-I've already watched 100 movies this year, for sure. Starting over from last week, though!! Join me? :3

1. Deathproof-(rewatch) 9/10
2. Hangover-9/10
3. Hatchet-6/10
4. Welcome to the Jungle-5/10
5. Mean Girls-8/10
6. UP-10/10
7. Across the Universe-10/10
8. Hellraiser-7/10
9. Land of the Lost-5/10
10. Ghost Busters 2-(rewatch) 8/10
11. May-(rewatch) 6/10
12.The Taking of Pelham 123-5/10
13. Kill Bill-(rewatch)-awesome.
14. Transformers: Rise of the Fallen
15. The Hills Have Eyes 2-(rewatch)
16. Bad Reputation-2/10
17. The Devil's Rejects-(rewatch)-Ehhhh.
18. Knocked Up-(rewatch)-Not bad. Pretty funny.
19. Yes Man-Lame. Jim Carey's creepiest role yet. LAME.
20. I Spit On Your Grave (Day of the Woman)-Very empowering in such a way. Quite good.
21.The Rocky Horror Picture Show-(rewatch)-The best pointless, confusing movie made.
22. The Ammityville Horror (remake)-Psh.
23.I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry-(rewatch)-Good. Funny.
24. Hard Candy.-Quite riveting. Pretty good.
25. Planet Terror-(rewatch)-Awesome.
26. Shaun of the Dead-(rewatch)-Fried gold, one of my favourites.
27. The Ugly Truth-Don't take it seriously and it is funny and pretty cute. Made me horny.
28. Jacob's Ladder-Did he die?
29. Role Models-Pretty funny.
30. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-Waste of 3 hours.
31. GI Joe-The Rise of the Cobra-Pretty damn good!
32. The Perfect Getaway-Very good. Very suspenseful.
33. Misery-Crazy film. A definite nail biter.
34. House Bunny-(rewatch)-Fun. Very cute clothes o_o
35. Down with Love-WTF? So weird, pretty lame.
36. Inglorious Basterds-Quite good! A lot of dialouge, bue eh, it's Tarantino. Gore and an awesome story made up for it.
37.The Strangers-Kind of boring, but creepy nonetheless.
38. Hairspray-(rewatchx48449494)-Honestly, one of the greatest movies ever. You can't stop the beat!
39. 9-So good, so cute.
40. Horrorfest Presents:Gravedancers-5/10
41. Horrofest Presents:Crazy Eights-2/10
42. Horrorfest Presents: Frontiers-Great, great French horror movie. They know how to do.
43. Horrorfest Presents: Lake Dead-6/10
44. Juno-(rewatch)-Good.
45. All About Steve-Twas alright.
46. The Wedding Singer-(rewatch)-An old favourite. One of Adam Sandler's best.
47. Billy Madison-(rewatch from long ago)-Not bad. Pretty funny in a retarded kind of way.
48. The Hot Chick-(rewatch)-6/10
49.No Country For Old Men-(rewatch)-Incredible movie. A definite favourite.
50. Girl, Interrupted-Very good movie. One of my favourites for the year.
51. Dazed and Confused-(rewatch)-One of the better stoner movies.
52. Ace Ventura-(rewatch)-Lol...it's not great, but idk. Not bad.
53. Horrorfest Presents: Unrest-I kept expecting this movie to get better, and it never did. 3/10
54. Dawn of the Dead-(rewatch)-One of my favourite and scariest zombie movies.
55. Burn After Reading-Very good. Very funny.
56. Zombieland(x2)-Up there with Shaun of the Dead. Epic zombie movie!
57. 27 Dresses-Major chick flick. 6/10
58. Dead Alive-(rewatch)-So fucking disgusting. I love it!!
59. Day of the Dead: the remake-Didn't even know there was a remake. The original was a lot better, still 6-7/10
60. Where the Wild Things Are-Not sure how much I liked this film. Very different than what I expected.
61. Night of the Living Dead(1990)-One of my favourites!
62. Midnight Movie-Too cliche' and then much too weird.
63. Cirque De' Freak:The Vampire's Assistant-Very,very cool movie. Original concept and everything.
64. The Prestige-Ahhhhhamazing!! Want to watch it again.
65. The Men Who Stare At Goats-Interesting more than anything. Pretty funny, too.
66. Mama Mia! (x 3)- I love love love this movie :D
67. Bedazzled-(rewatch)-Brendan Frasier is actually tolerable and it's pretty funny.
68. Anger Management-A lot funnier than I expected it to be.
69. Hot Fuzz-(rewatch)-Off the fucking chain :D
70. Guinea Pig Series:Mermaid in the Manhole-(rewatch)
71. Monsters vs Aliens
72. Coraline-(rewatch)
73. Zombie Honeymoon
74. Last House in the Woods
75. The Princess and the Frog
76. Saw 6
77. The Boondock Saints II-Fucking fail
78. Silent Hill-(rewatch)
79. Tokyo Gore Police
80. Jack Frost The Mutant Snowman II-bahahahahaha.epic fail.
81. 28 Days Later-(rewatch)
82. 28 Weeks Later-(rewatch)
83. Star Wars: A New Hope-(rewatch)
84. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back-(rewatch)
84. Fantastic Mr. Fox

As for books...I am not doing so well anymore. I started on Dracula a few months ago, got bored, and have yet to find a new book. I'll go to the library this week, though >.<

1. Go Ask Alice
2. Choke
3. Night
4. No Country For Old Men
5. The Killing Joke
Reading: 1984

Hahaha...I have a new journal

May. 24th, 2010 | 08:23 pm
I'm like:: millipede ear millipede ear
The Melody:: The Big Lebowski

I think it is totally silly and ironic, and a little sad on my behalf that a day or 2 after I last updated my journal, and said how great Leroy and I were doing, he broke up with me :p  Lol.  Fucking fake asshole.  I am almost 100% over it, and my last boyfriend definitely helped. 

Anyway.  I decided to come back to livejournal with a new journal.  It's       totally_muffin . 

So, if you wish to follow my shenanigans and re-friend me, please to be doing so. 


Kelda ♥

why can't movies be more like their book counterparts?

Jan. 25th, 2010 | 09:24 pm
I'm like:: good good
The Melody:: Lady Gaga-Bad Romance

after watching The Lovely Bones today earlier with my sister and only being three and a half chapters into the book, it's already very obvious that the book is incredibly better, despite how good the movie was.  why do movie makers leave out such cool, little details that would make the movie even that much better?  ah well x_x

been hella long since an update-I have had much to update about, but I haven't really felt like doing so.  Leroy and I are doing fucking amazing <3  the clearing after storms is so very beautiful and finding the end of a rainbow in a dreary downpour is always worth it.  I love that boy so very fucking much.  other than that...have been becoming better friends with Amanda, getting high a bit more often, no longer friends with Amber and her self-centered, bi-polar freak outs, started my new semester (going to get my office certificate for a better job soon), and finally got my muse back to start a new story.  I begin writing tomorrow.  Cut my hair, got my braces off (still stuck with a stupid retainer), but maybe I'll post pictures on another date.  my pink laptop's fucking screen decided to stop working last night, so I won't be on as often because my step father's isn't as good.  this saddens me greatly, and I really hope I can get it fixed.  I had so many pictures and music and poems!!

back to The Lovely Bones.  Go watch it.  Go read it.  Go love and be loved and make love :3

ciao <3

It's been for fucking ever.

Dec. 21st, 2009 | 11:22 pm
I'm like:: ♥gaga♥ ♥gaga♥
The Melody:: brain rot

And I'm pretty fucking great.  A little different, a lot more vain, a lot thinner, and well, a lot more Leroy-ish :D  Our break ended last Thursday.  I was a nervous wreck the whole morning!!  Then he picks me up, asks my mum if he can take me out (awww), asked me if he could treat it like a first date, and we went to the River of Lights held in Albuquerque's Botanical Gardens.  On the way in, he asked me if I wanted to hold his hand (awwwww!!!) and it was the perfect second first date XD.  So many cool lights and things to look at.  I bought us hot chocolate and then he took me to Burger King lol :p  Being poor is ok as long as you have a sweet guy to share it with hahaha.  He kissed me on the forehead and held me to keep me warm.  We got back to my haus and I put Silent Hill on.  I kept kissing him on the cheek for being so cute and then he kissed me on the lips...more little pecks...then soft, little tongue...then  he pulled me on top of him, said "I can't resist you" and we made love twice.  I orgasmed quickly and incredibly.  As soon as he was inside of me, both of our bodies shivered and we gasped deeply.  Fucking amazing.

Obviously I am not as secure and assured in our relationship as I should be due to how everything was shit during the break, but I know he is truly an amazing boy and I wrote him a letter explaining why I am this way and what I would do because of it, and he said he was going to make sure I felt comforted and secure again.  It's like it was before...maybe a little better.  I'm so fucking in love with him. That month was fucking crazy, but I have almost completely forgotten the heart break, although some parts of me can't.

Tomorrow will be a full and happy day n_n  Gotta see my ortho, meet Leroy, watch Avatar, sell school books, blahblahblah....more Leroy and goodness n_n  Still gotta register for class, so hopefully that will happen in time for next semester.  Also, I have hella Christmas shopping I need to finish, so hopefully I get good money for the books tomorrow.  See ya

I'm in denial!

Dec. 1st, 2009 | 01:03 pm
I'm like:: muffin! muffin!
The Melody:: brain rot

Really? It's already December 1st?! Gah...summer adventures seem like they were weeks ago. Fucking crazy, man ~_~ I need to get on getting that second job and buying Christmas gifts. I have a feeling it will be a very long time before I am able to move out of my mum's haus again. Fucking figures D:

Anyway...Leroy got back from Las Vegas last night and he has just been being his natural, old, sweet Leroy self. I hate how I keep second guessing this when I know I'm so in love with him and couldn't bear to be without him. 16 more days and this fucking hiatus of our's is over. I was hoping he would cave this entire time...maybe he will, maybe he won't. If he doesn't, than I will put up with being his cuddly friend until the 17th...then a nice dinner and haha...maybe roses? Idk. I'm going to make him earn me back. We're hanging out around 3:45 today-I'm really excited. I haven't seen him since Friday afternoon, so I am super excited :D

Amber and I rolled on Saturday, and it was pretty cool. Didn't realize that prices on tabs went up since I last bought x_x Ah well. Pretty excited to roll again with Devon, but I need to sell a lot of shit on ebay (and actually remember to mail the stuff out), work more at the theatre, and get a second job to afford gifts. Damn not knowing how to save money for a long amount of time. Damn needing retail therapy! GAH. Time to get ready...

(no subject)

Nov. 28th, 2009 | 12:02 am
I'm like:: blah blah
The Melody:: Eisley-Golly Sandra

anyway, this cake is greatCollapse )

This is Leroy and I if we ever fall victim to the zombie apocalypse.
Still in love. Still cute :D

Blah blah blah

Nov. 27th, 2009 | 01:01 am
I'm like:: indescribable indescribable
The Melody:: brain rot

Thanksgiving was alright lol.Woke up at Amber's haus and had to work until five. My brother Aaron and his common wife from Denver came down to visit, so we went to Ben's place and got drunk (I got too drunk for a bit there haha), smoked some, talked a lot, and played that Kings drinking game. Definitely not a hard liquor game...it was so made for beer and with good cause @__@
Was there for a couple of hours, had to force myself to eat so I didn't pass out and had to walk to a gas station (Aaron drove a bit of the way x_X. Not on any main streets) because I really needed an energy drink. I really like everything we talk about. It gets boring sometimes, but I don't know very many people more interesting and smart. I can't relate to them on everything and vice versa, but deep stuff gets out, and we laugh a lot, so it's good.
Leroy picked me up at 9:45...and he left about 45 minutes ago. Cried while he held me. Tried really hard not to kiss his perfect, fucking beautiful lips *droool* 23 more fucking days. Anyway, I really wish he stayed trhe night, but he is being stubborn and thinking with his stupid boy brain and not with his heart...he's not letting his gaurd down even though I can tell he wants to u___u;;.

Anyway...I am going over to his haus tomorrow at 10:30 and taking him to the airport at 1:30. I won't see him again until Tuesday, and that pains me hella and I will miss him like crazy, but it might be kind of good for me. Aaron, his wife Stacey, Ben, and Erinn(haha) and I will get together later tomorrow the afternoon, smoke some more, and do some fun sibling stuff lol :p

Happy Thanksgiving, dollies. Gut nacht.

Writer's Block: Gifted Ideas

Nov. 17th, 2009 | 11:11 am
I'm like:: bored bored
The Melody:: Copeland-Kite

What’s the perfect gift to give to the person who has everything?


Some home-made dinner and dessert. Sexy dancing. Maybe some Tequila or wine. Getting exxxtra kinky and romping until the sun comes up :D

That's what I would give, anyway. And get haha.

(no subject)

Nov. 2nd, 2009 | 10:51 pm
I'm like:: blah blah
The Melody:: Warrant-Cherry Pie

Halloween was pretty fun.  My cousin/old friend Sara is watching Molly for me, so I invited her to come party hopping (kind of lol) with Leroy and I at some of my brother's friends' homes.  I went from being a zombie pin-up girl to being an angel of death.  Do your serial killer research lol...women serial killers who were nurses and would inject their patients with poison or otherwise torture and kill them.  I looked hella cute, but still no fucking digital camera, so shotty phone pics aren't worth posting.  Leroy was some guy from Organization 13(Kingdom Hearts, I think) and Sara was Robin from Teen Titans.  She ended up meeting a girl Bat Man at the first house, so it was pretty cool. 

Crazy.  I haven't drank hard liquor in so long, but I was taking shots like a real champ, sometimes even without a chaser.  Leroy took care of drunk Kelda and Sara lol...and I really felt bad that he was the driver for us, because he was all stressed, and not being able to drink made it worse.  He's a good boy, really.  So, yea.  Quite drunk for the first time in a long time and no hang over :D

Last day at Spirt store was on Halloween, and well, I am impressed and quite happy with how long I have had so much money.  I don't want this trend to end!  I fucking hate the movie theatre even though I get to work with Leroy, so we're both looking for new jobs, and will keep a day at the movies simply for the free movie benefits. 

Tomorrow I have an ortho appointment, dying my hair a new blonde, seeing Leroy of course, homework, cleaning, and hopefully some getting stoned.  Also, I have a little cold D:

BTW pap smears are the most awkward and uncomforatble things EVAR.  God...only one person should be sticking their finger, or anything else for that matter, inside of me and that is my Leroy D:  Everytime I think about it, it makes my vagina feel so weird >_<